About Me

I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. We moved to Florida when I was two weeks old.

I played many sports as a child and was fascinated with the body's ability to heal it self. However after losing my mother to cancer, I lost interest in many aspects of life. Through the years I realized that developing a compassionate heart and helping others was what made me truly happy. I began to see the value of taking care of myself. I felt the beginning of a transformation. I wanted to help other people.

My interest in Pre/Postnatal massage began when my wife became pregnant with our son, Elijah.  Watching my wife's transformation, all the joys and stresses included, was life changing for me.  I saw the need to care for pregnant women and I knew I could help ease their journey.  When I looked into the benefits of this modality, it was even more exciting. I realized there is evidence that massage is good for the developing child as well!  Please see description for details on this.

I have worked in the service field for 17 years. Providing massage is the most deeply and consistently rewarding experience I have had. Learning about the fascinating human body and the many ways to facilitate the healing process continues to amaze me. I am excited and grateful to have the opportunity to utilize the skills I have learned to help my clients maximize their potential in health and happiness.